StayMiser offers excellent savings to Business and Leisure Travellers, at all our affiliated Hotels, Motels, Bed & Breakfasts, RV & Campground Parks

StayMiser is a simple travel program, offering our services to you, the Travellers. These offerings are given to you directly through our affiliated accommodation providers. Our StayMiser founders developed this program which is unlike all the typical on-line Internet based discount offerings. You just register with us, or show up at any affiliated accommodation provider and they will sign you up! Then you immediately receive significant benefits. Our affiliated accommodation providers are highlighted on our website.

Our message is simple: Stay More, Pay 25% Less

As a registered StayMiser Traveller, you will receive a 25% price reduction when staying with an affiliated Hotel, Motel, RV Park, Campground, or Bed & Breakfast. Naturally, these savings are dependent on room or site availability at these accommodation providers, but overall, accommodations are available year round, even on long weekends and holidays!

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Our coin-in-hand logo symbolizes profits for our Affiliates, and savings for StayMiser Discount Travel Card Holders; our “Members”

StayMiser is a unique and exclusive business model that creates the ultimate new win-win result for both our Affiliates and registered Travellers alike.

StayMiser aims in keeping Affiliates / Members -Travellers for life. “Once an Affiliate, always an Affiliate” “Once a Member – Traveller always a Member – Traveller”

The StayMiser program provides Travellers with value added savings and quality services with accommodation providers as we expand across North America.

We provide our Affiliates a program to develop and build on an excellent rate of growth and achieve much deserved success through promotion in technological advancement.

Our program is built on formulas in discounts that create profits to meet these needs.

We are achievement driven, operating at a national and soon to be international level, within a flourishing community. Creating a culture of synergy while encouraging personal fulfillment is at the heart of what we do every day.

Once again, StayMiser offers a new and unique travel program where everybody wins!