Our StayMiser Team and Our Principles:

We are offering a brand new travel savings and benefit model which makes the existing business model obsolete.

The senior management team of StayMiser are located in British Columbia and also in Nova Scotia, and have very solid and diverse business experience across Canada. As owners of StayMiser, we have much experience as operators of small businesses in Canada, including accommodations. As well, a senior member of our team has very extensive technical and management computer experience within a number of Information Technology departments within some very well-known Canadian corporations and Government departments. The combined experience and knowledge that the management team has within StayMiser, is an excellent balance, and provides an optimal service to you, our signed up StayMiser Travellers, and our affiliated accommodation providers.

For both the travelling public and our affiliates, StayMiser has built our website for you. We want all of the Canadian accommodation providers to really consider the great benefits offered to them, and become a StayMiser “Affiliates”. You will diversify, increase your market presence, and fill your vacancies. We will also commit to “give back” to you, a second source of income, that will provide you with a year round cash flow, plus many other benefits. With this, our travelling members will receive ongoing accommodation savings, and support our Country’s travel environment.

A Win-Win-Win!