If you are looking to improve bookings and profit margins at your property – whether it’s a campground, RV park, hotel, motel or B&B, simply enroll with us as a StayMiser Affiliate.

Benefits to a StayMiser Affiliate:

  • A Business model that acknowledges our client’s needs
  • Diversification in all types of accommodations
  • Annual residuals on the Traveller’s renewals – free revenues
  • Automatic transfer of fee splits into Affiliates own accounts
  • Membership renewals for life time of active members enrollment
  • No entry fees to join StayMiser
  • Travel Card residuals compound year to year- potential plus
  • Room and site rentals on availability basis
  • Free StayMiser Web-site exposure and advertising, plus link to your own website
  • Log in link; for Affiliates to access their own Travel Card Members “Year to Year Self Audit”
  • Providing Affiliates a new source of income that greatly increases net profits
    • We help market your property to the Travelling Public

      As an affiliated Accommodation Provider of StayMiser, you will receive greater exposure on the Internet. Your property will be featured on our StayMiser website as well as through our social media networks.

      Our website offers a detailed directory of your property:

      • Your unique description
      • Details of your services and amenities
      • Your photos of the property
      • Contact information and a clickable link to your website.

      How StayMiser Affiliates Can Reduce Vacancies

      We can help all our affiliated accommodation providers reduce their vacancies by enrolling the leisure and business travellers to fill these vacancies. Every Traveller that is active is a potential new or repeat customer, with recurring funds returned to the affiliated accommodation provider.

      Create Ongoing Revenues by enrolling Travellers

      As an affiliate of StayMiser, you can create ongoing revenue by enrolling Travellers as they check in at your property, and you will receive benefits from their registration.

      In addition, you will continue to receive direct compensation from StayMiser related to the annual renewal of these Travellers, at no cost to you. This will happen every time any of your original signed-up Travellers renews annually with StayMiser. This makes for an excellent secondary and recurring source of income for you.

      StayMiser does “Give-Back”.