How It Works


We will help you:

  • Increase your customer satisfaction
  • Market your business to the world
  • Attract new loyal customers
  • Reduce vacancies
  • Earn ongoing residual revenues 

StayMiser has developed a program to outperform all other existing programs offered to accommodation owners. We show and help owners how to create more customer activity, improve cash flow, grow market share, improve profit margins, without increasing capital investment or operating expense. A no risk, our approach for all private accommodations owners (you as new StayMiser Affiliates) who join up with StayMiser, is very positive.

Our very different business model will show accommodation owners how to diversify into all types of accommodations. You will provide one consistent discount and recover many times over the cost of discounting. When adopting our business model you will be rewarded with a second portfolio that nets a very high return on your investment. The leisure and business Traveling public (Travellers) cannot sign up or enroll another Traveller in StayMiser, as only Affiliates and StayMiser can enroll or register Travellers. The travelling customers can only register through our Affiliates or through StayMiser, or on-line via our website by themsleves.

hotel-pic-partnersAs an Affiliate you will receive Internet exposure and we will help you adapt to the newer social media technology. Your profile will be listed on our website and all our social media pages.  Your profile will include your company description, list of services, contact information, photos and a link to your own website.   StayMiser is committed to a very creative profit sharing program with all its Affiliates through Traveller registration fee splits and yearly renewal fee returns.

In time, our Affiliates will see their customers were customers of the competition.  With our business model it will be easier to fill vacancies.  As your StayMiser Travellers renew with us, you will continue to build a second income source at little operating expense.

The full details of our program are available for all accommodations owners and managers.  Request more details or fill out the application form to become an Affiliate, and see how our Steps to Prosperity can benefit you.